The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom Sountrack Original

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Lanzamiento: 30.06.2024

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Ficha técnica


Disc 1

01. Prologue (first half)

02. Mural story

03. Prologue (second half)

04. Adventure memory “Awakening”

05. Get Fanfare (Rotten Master Sword)

06. Opening

07. Field (high sky)

08. Temple of Time

09. Encounter with Raul, the right-hand man

10. Sky Island

11. First location (inside the shrine)

12. Demon Shrine

13. Raul's Guidance

14. Combat: Field

15. Farewell to Raul

16. Look for me

17. Diving

18. Nostalgic land

19. Field (ground/daytime)

20. Watch Fortress

21. Reunion with Purua

22. Reporting events underground and in the sky

23. Hyrule Castle (ground)

24. Switch on

25. Launching from the bird observatory!

26. Expanding world

27. Rocky place

28. Diving (underground)

29. Descending to the underground

30. Field (underground)

31. Root of demon

32. Geoglyph (Raul)

33. Dragon's Tears: Introduction

34. Memory of adventure “Here is Izuko”

35. Bird observation deck

36. Cave

37. Block Golem Battle

Disc 2

01. Field (extremely cold)

02. Geoglyph (Old Hyrule Castle)

03. Memories of adventure “Unknown world”

04. Miasma Battle

05. Highlands

06. Omen of the red moon

07. Red moon

08. Shirotsume Shinbunsha

09. Rito Village (when an incident occurs)

10. Reunion with Chuli

11. Private house

12. Chuli's bow taken

13. Invasion

14. Go to cloud investigation

15. Cumulonimbus cloud

16. Discover the cause of the blizzard

17. Wind Temple 1st stage

18. Wind Temple 2nd stage

19. Wind Temple 3rd stage

20. Wind Temple 4th stage

21. Wind Temple 5th stage

22. Colgera Appearance

23. Colgera match (first half)

24. Colgera match (second half)

25. Heart Vessel Appears

26. Rito's ancient sage's story

27. What we should do

28. The fate of my family

29. Wind Sage, Chuli

30. Disappearance of anomaly

31. Rito Village (daytime)

32. Rito Village (Night)

33. Flight training range

34. Mini game (Birdman challenge)

35. Arrogant Koga-sama

36. Battle against Gleeok

Disc 3

01. Lava side

02. Geoglyph (Purah Pad)

03. Adventure memory “Minel’s advice”

04. Flatland

05. Goron City (when an incident occurs)

06. Reunion with Yunbo

07. Where the Goron tribe is

08. Field (scorching heat)

09. Yun group headquarters

10. Oishiiwa…everyone is happy…

11. Battle against Yunbo who lost his mind

12. Yunbo regains his senses

13. Follow Zelda to Death Mountain

14. Ilvazia Appearance

15. Battle against Ilvazia

16. Temple of Fire 1st stage

17. Temple of Fire 2nd stage

18. Temple of Fire 3rd stage

19. Temple of Fire 4th stage

20. Temple of Fire 5th stage

21. Marbled Gohma Appearance

22. Match against Marbled Gohma (first half)

23. Match against Marbled Gohma (second half)

24. Story of the Goron Ancient Sage

25. Sage of Fire, Yunbo

26. Goron City (daytime)

27. Goron City (night)

28. Mini game (Trolley game)

29. Battle: Field (joint fight with subjugation squad)

30. Goddess Hylia's blessings!

31. Hinox match

32. Field (ground/night)

33. Mini game (ball toss)

34. Battle: Field (underground/cave)

35. Underground abandoned mine

36. Furious Koga-sama

37. Battle against Frox

Disc 4

01. Assault (daytime)

02. Waterside

03. Demon Shrine: Blessing

04. Battle: Field (Boss Bokoblin)

05. Zora's Village (when an incident occurs)

06. Purify the stone statue buried in sludge

07. Meeting with Yona

08. Mipha Park

09. Reunion with Sid

10. Clear stream palace

11. Battle against Sludge Like

12. Jonah's thoughts

13. Sid's determination

14. Into the maelstrom

15. Ancient Zora Shrine

16. Zora Air Temple Appearance

17. Field (low gravity)

18. Water Temple 1st stage

19. Water Temple 2nd stage

20. Water Temple 3rd stage

21. Water Temple 4th stage

22. Mucktorok appears

23. Battle against Mucktorok (first half)

24. Battle against Mucktorok (second half)

25. Zora the story of the ancient sage

26. Water Sage Cid

27. Zora's new king and queen

28. Zora's Village (daytime)

29. Zora's Village (Night)

30. Mini game (diving ceremony)

31. Shrine of Evil: Before the Trial

32. Shrine of Evil: Battle

33. Geoglyph (Molduga)

34. Adventure Memories “Gerudo Assault”

35. Speaking Kohga-sama

36. The return of Kohga-sama

Disc 5

01. Wasteland

02. Geoglyph (Ganondorf)

03. Memory of adventure “False subjection”

04. Field (severe heat)

05. Gerudo Town (when an incident occurs)

06. Gerudo Underground Town

07. Desert Ruins

08. Reunion with Rouge

09. Kara Kara Bazaar Defense Battle

10. After the war at Kara Kara Bazaar

11. Kara Kara Bazaar

12. Gerudo Town Defense Battle

13. Successful defense of Gerudo Town

14. Vision in the desert

15. Gerudo Great Pyramid Appearance

16. Queen Given appears

17. Battle against Queen Gibbed (first encounter)

18. Combat: Temple

19. Temple of Thunder 1st stage

20. Temple of Thunder 2nd stage

21. Temple of Thunder 3rd stage

22. Temple of Thunder 4th stage

23. Queen Gibdo Appearance

24. Battle against Queen Gibdo (first half)

25. Battle against Queen Gibdo (second half)

26. Story of the Gerudo Ancient Sage

27. Thunder Sage Rouge

28. Gerudo Town (daytime)

29. Gerudo Town (Night)

30. Vai Meets Voi

31. Battle against Molduga

32. Geoglyph (Sonia)

33. Memories of adventure “Zelda and Sonia”

Disc 6

01. Geoglyph (Gerudo Knife)

02. Memories of adventure “Sonia Muzan”

03. Sign of a monster

04. Lurelin Village Reconstruction Feast

05. Sakurada Dance of Joy

06. Lurelin Village (daytime)

07. Lurelin Village (night)

08. Geoglyph (Demon King)

09. Adventure memory “The Birth of the Demon King”

10. Red moon rising over Hyrule Castle

11. The watch fort shrouded in darkness

12. Hyrule Castle (Sky)

13. Is there something I want to show you?

14. Battle against Phantom Ganon (first half)

15. Battle against Phantom Ganon (second half)

16. My name is Ganondorf

17. Adventure Memories “The Demon King’s Army”

18. Consultation of five people

19. Surveillance Fortress (Four Sages Gathering)

20. Kakariko Village (daytime)

21. Kakariko Village (night)

22. Ruins

23. Hateno Village (daytime)

24. Hateno Village (night)

25. Sagono of the world

26. Sagono Hat

27. The beginning of the village chief election

28. Village mayor election

29. Sagono and Kusayoshi

30. Hateno School

31. Hateno Ancient Research Institute

32. Assault (night)

33. Geoglyph (secret stone)

34. Memory of adventure “Wise man’s oath”

Disc 7

01. Geoglyph (Sonia's Tomb)

02. Memories of adventure “King’s duty”

03. The island of thunder appears

04. Thunder Island

05. Yongdu Island

06. Deep hole in Bituo valley

07. Collect money

08. Golem manufacturing room 1st stage

09. Golem manufacturing room 2nd stage

10. Golem manufacturing room 3rd stage

11. Golem manufacturing room 4th stage

12. Resurrected Golem

13. To the temple of souls

14. Golem manufacturing room 5th stage

15. Zonau Pedestal

16. Temple of Souls

17. The Stolen Golem Appears

18. Battle with the Stolen Golem (first half)

19. Battle with the Stolen Golem (second half)

20. Soul Sage Minel

21. What I'm about to talk about is the tragedy of Hyrule...

22. Memories of adventure “Sealed War”

23. At the end of the battle

24. Memory of adventure “Each determination”

25. Let's go together

26. Korok Forest (when an incident occurs)

27. Korok Forest Purification

28. Memories of adventure “The power of the master sword”

29. Korok Forest (daytime)

30. Korok Forest (Night)

31. Hestu dance! -Communication-

32. Hestu Dance! -Scream-

33. Geoglyph (Master Sword)

34. Memories of adventure “Master sword that transcends time”

35. To the final dragon's tears

Disc 8

01. Geoglyph (Last Dragon's Tears)

02. Memories of adventure “Dragon’s tears”

03. Dragon's Tears: Complete

04. Light Dragon

05. Dragon hugging sword

06. Master sword that is about to fall out

07. Zelda's feelings in my hands

08. Memories of adventure “Zelda’s feelings”

09. Hyrule Castle Deep Hole

10. Deep Pit of Hyrule Castle: Battle

11. Ruins of the Age of Gods: Battle

12. Demon cave full of miasma

13. Gathering of the wise men

14. Demon King's Army

15. Leave it to the wise man and move on

16. Confrontation with Demon King Ganondorf

17. Battle against Demon King Ganondorf

18. Demon King who releases the power of secret stones

19. Demon King Ganondorf Battle Second Form (First Half)

20. Demon King Ganondorf Battle Second Form (Second Half)

21. Demon King Dragon Transformation

22. Demon Dragon and Light Dragon

23. Demon Dragon Battle

24. Defeat Demon Dragon

25. Miracle

26. To that hand

27. I’m home… Link

28. Staff roll

29. Epilogue

Disc 9

01. Link's house

02. Battle against Stone Talus

03. Corten

04. Satori under the cherry blossoms

05. Tarrey Town (daytime)

06. Tarrey Town (Night)

07. Mini game (Tarrey Town Rally)

08. Enokida Construction Workshop (Lunch)

09. Enokida Construction Workshop (Night)

10. Ride on a sun balloon

11. It's Savok!

12. Widda's Independence

13. Users of the Sacred Spring

14. Yiga Clan Executive Office

15. Yiga Clan hideout

16. Mini game (Training of Yiga Clan)

17. The Forgotten Temple

18. Lomei ruins (ground)

19. Lomei ruins (upper layer)

20. Lomei ruins (underground layer)

21. On the shining tree

22. Serenade for the Great Fairy

23. Great Fairy Revival

24. Great Fairy Fountain

25. Horse Inn

26. Ultimate Cuisine

27. Malanya Resurrection

28. Malanya Spring

29. Malanya's Dance

30. Zonau Certification Crest

31. Get Fanfare (Item)

32. Get Fanfare (Valuable Item)

33. Get Fanfare (Precious Things)

34. Get Fanfare (Heart Vessel)

35. Strengthening the power of the right hand

36. Get Fanfare (Right Hand Power)

37. Riddle solving correct answer sound

38. Zonaugear making machine

39. Cooking failure

40. Cooking success

41. Great cooking success

42. Achievement of Korok's theme

43. Korok appears

44. Dyeing

45. Bleaching

46. ​​Parasail design change

47. Link's Humming 1

48. Link's Humming 2

49. Link's Humming 3

50. Link Humming 4

51. Link Humming 5

52. Link Humming 6

53. Link Humming 7

54. Link Humming 8

55. Link Humming 9

56. Link Humming 10

57. First location (ground)

58. First location (underground)

59. Kill time

60. Accommodation (normal)

61. Accommodation (luxury)

62. Game over

63. Main Theme (Bonus Track)

64. E3 2019 Source Video BGM (Bonus Track)

65. 1st Trailer BGM (Bonus Track)

66. 2nd Trailer BGM (Bonus Track)

67. 3rd Trailer BGM (Bonus Track)


Devolvamos la luz al reino...

Traicioneras mazmorras, intrincados puzles, feroces enemigos e inolvidable música... ¡es hora de volver a Hyrule con la esperadísima banda sonora original de The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom!

Compuesta por Manaka Kataoka, Maasa Miyoshi, Masato Ohashi y Tsukasa Usui, esta icónica banda sonora está heroicamente repleta de docenas de melodías memorables que recrean la encantadora atmósfera del juego.

Mezclando instrumentos orquestales, electrónicos y tradicionales, todas estas composiciones varían desde temas alegres y enérgicos para intensas batallas y secuencias de acción hasta melodías más atmosféricas y serenas para sesiones de exploración.

Así que, ¡presionando el play experimentaremos cómo esta banda sonora captura el espíritu de aventura que define a la enormemente querida serie The Legend of Zelda!

Región: JAP
Fabricante: Tokuma
PEGI: 12+

Ficha técnica


  • JAP



  • Tokuma


  • 12+
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